More About Our Team

At Air Mapp, led by the esteemed Adam Haynes, we stand at the vanguard of automotive cybersecurity. With decades of collective experience, our mission is to protect vehicles from cyber threats through unparalleled expertise and innovation. Learn more about our journey, values, and the visionary team committed to securing the automotive industry’s future.

Our Mission at Air Mapp

Driven by innovation and led by the visionary Adam Haynes, Air Mapp is dedicated to redefining automotive cybersecurity. We believe in a future where every vehicle is safeguarded against digital threats, paving the way for safer, smarter mobility. Discover our story, our breakthrough solutions, and the minds behind the mission to innovate.

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More About Our Services

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessments

Air Mapp provides thorough evaluations of automotive systems to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats. Utilizing cutting-edge methodologies and tools, our team ensures that every aspect of a vehicle’s digital infrastructure is robustly secured against cyber attacks.

Customized Security Solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of each client, Air Mapp offers tailor-made cybersecurity solutions. From encrypted communications to secure software development practices, our team develop bespoke strategies that integrate seamlessly with existing automotive systems, ensuring enhanced protection without compromising performance.

Ongoing Threat Monitoring and Response

Within cybersecurity, constant vigilance is key. Air Mapp offers continuous monitoring services to detect and respond to threats in real-time. With a proactive approach, Adam Haynes and his team ensure that vehicles remain protected against emerging cyber threats, providing peace of mind for manufacturers and owners alike.

Training and Consultancy Services

Providing clients with knowledge and skills is at the heart of Air Mapp’s mission. We offer comprehensive training programs and consultancy services. These are designed to equip automotive manufacturers, engineers, and cybersecurity professionals with the latest strategies and best practices in automotive cybersecurity, fostering a culture of security within the industry.